diane Popolizio

Wading for Water
Youth "leaf clean up" for the elderly- funds assisted India Clean Water Project sponsored by Hamden Rotary 

Clothes for Kids
Warm Winter Clothing purchased with funds from Rotary Club of North Branford to benefit over 100 kids in town.

One action 

Like a quiet whisper, life moves around us,

Gently changing before our eyes,

People laugh, love, grow, 

cry, fight and dream.

Just one small decision, 

a choice, can change destiny

One Action that can never be removed.

One Word that can never be unspoken.

One Hurt that can never be undone.

Can change all that will be. 

So it is that.......

One Smile can quiet a war.

One Hug can warm a heart that is cold. 

One Decision can Rock the World!

One Kind Word will echo through the Universe.

The future is in our Hands and Hearts.

Choose Wisely. 

By:Diane Popolizio

Let’s put

an end to poverty


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Every day people  volunteer to help others by donating clothing, furniture and food  and make the difference in the lives of thousands. Join them!

mission & vision

No donaation is too small . Everyone in some  way can make a difference.

our leadership team

Please donate what you can to your favorite location. For information about local shelters, contact me directly. The Clothing Bank in Branford  does assist them all, but I do have information on Columbus House and Emmanual Baptist Shelter and others for direct clothing donations. In addition there are a number or "consignment" centers available if you prefer that some of the items be sold rather than donated. Happy to assist.......Diane Popolizio

Clothes Drive in Guilford Office
Clothing Drive for Columbus House held in our office. New clothes purchased for the homeless.

Happy Faces in New Haven 
Clothing Delivery in New Haven  from donations made in Guilford, Branford, Madison,  and North Branford.